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Q: What makes Ariel Counseling different than seeing a provider through my insurance or a counseling membership program?

A:  When clients choose to retain services from Ariel Counseling, they receive personalized treatment and care directly with your psychologist.  We are a small boutique practice dedicated to providing clients with concierge psychological care during and in between sessions. We can address a range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, relational concerns and more. What makes us different than many generalist providers is our focus on maintaining small  caseloads which means better care for our clients, minimal wait times to be seen compared to many community care agencies, attention to providing clients with personalized care versus general "cooke cutter" advice, and knowing who you are working with versus the potential of being overwhelmed with a high turnover of providers and managed healthcare programs dictating your treatment plan. We have created a practice that makes therapy as therapeutic and stress-free as possible!

Q: Do you accept health insurance? 

A: Ariel Counseling & Consultation is an out-of-network provider.  What this means is clients self-pay and for clients who would like to use insurance benefits we can assist with required documentation for reimbursement of services.  Contact your insurance company directly regarding eligibility and benefit details.  To assist with any questions about the cost of treatment during the complimentary consultation a good faith estimate (GFE) will be provided both verbally, in writing, and updated as needed in collaboration with the client.   

Q: Are there any free or discounted support groups for people coping with the loss of a pet companion?

A: Our Practice recommends the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement for support groups.  Their website is  You may also contact your local Humane Society, Family Veterinarian or animal rescue groups for local resources in your respective community. 

Q: Do you only see clients who identify as animal lovers, those who have lost a pet or those who identify as Vegan?

A: We are an inclusive practice with over twenty years of experience to provide psychological care for clients with a range of presenting concerns and needs.  

Q: How do I know if this practice is a good fit for my needs?

A: The practice offers a complimentary consultation to speak with the psychologist. During this time you can share at your comfort level any current mental health needs. If we may be a good fit to work together we will proceed with scheduling a psychology intake session. If we are not, we are happy to assist with providing community referrals and resources.


Q: What is the difference between in-person and telehealth therapy?  

A: When working with a skilled mental health provider in-person and telehealth therapy provide the same level of care and offer unique benefits based upon personal preference of how a client would like to engage in treatment.  With years of experience as a nationally certified telehealth provider, Ariel Counseling & Consultation provides the highest industry standards in psychological services via video, telephonic communication as well as client messaging to provide convenient, accessible care anywhere and anytime help is needed. ​

Q: How often will I meet with the mental health provider?

A: Therapy is individualized to meet the needs of each client. Some people may only need one appointment and/or occasional follow up sessions. Most people beginning therapy may benefit from weekly sessions to experience therapeutic gain(s). By working with our boutique practice you have control over your treatment, privacy as well as the amount and frequency of sessions.  We provide short-term and long-term therapy as well as psychological consultation.  Please inquire about the Zen Package which includes the initial psychological intake and follow up therapy sessions. 

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