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Ariel Counseling & Consultation is a boutique telehealth practice dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of today's diverse clientele. We specialize in the integration of Western Psychology & Eastern Practices to promote conscious transformation, healing and mindful living for teenagers and adults located in Florida and Abroad. 


We are part of a growing global community committed to helping people live in harmony with self, others, animals and the planet. We provide clients with evidence-based as well as holistic, integrative psychological services in a time when when the stigma of seeking mental health care is still real & can often get in the way of reaching out for needed professional support.

We are an inclusive private practice committed to meeting the needs of a multicultural clientele, especially those who identify as BIPOC, Ethical Vegans, people whose lives are enhanced through the animal-human bond.

Dr. Bennett

Counseling Psychologist, PH.D.

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My name is Dr. Bennett and I am a licensed psychologist.  I use the she/her/hers pronouns and identify as a first generation Caribbean-American. I completed a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia. My approach to therapy is informed by extensive training in the field of psychology, mentorship from leading psychologists, teaching psychology classes over many years, commitment to service and being a lifelong student of Eastern philosophies to inform an integrative approach to psychotherapy. 

Through my own personal and professional life journey my calling has been to be of service to others, especially those in need of psychological support. I am committed to providing a safe psychological space to help people address a history of trauma, life challenges, career and academic concerns, societal stress, self-esteem, etc. I strive to promote one's inherent resiliency to overcome life challenges, learn new skills to understand and manage mental health symptoms and experience self-empowerment.


In addition to being passionate about the field of psychology and conscious living, I practice mindfulness activities including meditation, yoga and moments in nature.  I find balance and peace in the presence of animals and recently developed an interest in visiting local farm animal sanctuaries. In my clinical work I specialize providing a down to Earth approach to help others understand the complexity of the human mind, address intersections of identity and develop insight and skills to live psychological healthy lives. 

While working with individuals and groups I am an active advocate in addressing the effects of oppression to support the healing of people, animals and our Earth.  While my own identity encompasses multiple intersections, an evolving mindfulness practice has inspired me to identify as a BIPOC Ethical Vegan. Over the last twenty years I have helped clients as a general psychologist, with my areas of specialization including culturally responsive therapy for BIPOC communities and ethical Vegans.  As a conscious psychologist I strive to serve others, do no harm to any sentient being and provide compassionate psychological care.​


Treatment Modalities

-Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), including CBT-I

-Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 

-Cultural Therapy

-Trauma Informed Therapy

-Attachment-Based Therapy

-Animal-Assisted Therapy

-Compassion-Focused Therapy

-Strengths-Based Interventions

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